Cookie Jam V 6.40.206

Cookie Jam V 6.40.206 Download

Download Address:Cookie Jam V 6.40.206 Apk File

Its pretty clear after about 20 levels that this game is a rip off and that its specifically designed for you to fail. Let me explain. At the beginning of the game its starts out pretty easy. Then toward the ending of the game, say you have two donuts or a waffle left and of course you need…

Escape the prison adventure V 1.76

Escape the prison adventure V 1.76 Download

Download Address:Escape the prison adventure V 1.76 Apk File

This is not a puzzle game, it’s just arbitrary tapping until the solution presents itself. How do you know to give this object to that guy to get the code for a safe? No answer. You just guess with the limited options until you get the right one. If there were clues as to what people…

Cosmos Champions V 0.10.32

Cosmos Champions V 0.10.32 Download

Download Address:Cosmos Champions V 0.10.32 Apk File

Here we provide Cosmos Champions V 0.10.32 for Android 4.0++ ————-You're our only hope————-
The creator is out for total destruction again! Only when a selfless angel steps forward would we stand a chance.
"The strongest among the…

EverClicker V 1.55

EverClicker V 1.55 Download

Download Address:EverClicker V 1.55 Apk File

Here we provide EverClicker V 1.55 for Android 4.2++ The ravenous Star Devourer monster is eating stars right out of the EverVerse world, and it’s up to your team of nonstop heroes to stop him! In EverClicker, players awaken a team of legendary heroes to adventure through a series of…

Infected Zone: Zombie Survival V 1.0.11

Infected Zone: Zombie Survival V 1.0.11 Download

Download Address:Infected Zone: Zombie Survival V 1.0.11 Apk File

Here we provide Infected Zone: Zombie Survival V 1.0.11 for Android 4.0.3++ INTRO:
Our worst fears are realized, an unknown virus pops up over the world and the most people infected and turned into cannibalistic zombies, only a few people survived and you are one of them.
Infected Zone is a…

New Sword with Sauce Tips V 4

New Sword with Sauce Tips V 4 Download

Download Address:New Sword with Sauce Tips V 4 Apk File

Here we provide New Sword with Sauce Tips V 4 for Android 4.0.3++ Sword with sauce is the energizing and testing stealth diversion that has numerous players inspired by how to achieve its present end. This application is a guide for sword with sauce diversion contains finish instructional…

Strange Hero Army Battle V 1.0

Strange Hero Army Battle V 1.0 Download

Download Address:Strange Hero Army Battle V 1.0 Apk File

Here we provide Strange Hero Army Battle V 1.0 for Android 2.3.2++ Strange Hero Army Battle
An amazing hero game, save your wounded soldiers in battlefield
You are a super hero of the US Army who is created by scientist of the U.S.A. universities during the world war 3. You are developed to…

MX Player V 1.8.11

MX Player V 1.8.11 Download

Download Address:MX Player V 1.8.11 Apk File

Good but it’s ok Here we provide MX Player V 1.8.11 for Android 4.0++ Powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.
a) HARDWARE ACCELERATION – Hardware acceleration can be applied to more videos with the help of new HW+ decoder.