Fireplace ~ Fire Screen HD V 1.3

Loving it.! I’m impressed with this app, its sounds and its music 🎶. It reminds me of campfire. So peaceful. Keep it up, you are doing great
Here we provide Fireplace ~ Fire Screen HD V 1.3 for Android 4.1++ Calm yourself down with the virtual view of relaxing fire places all packed in a single app. Fire Screen HD brings together a variety of different fireplace views to choose according to your mood. With the HD audio and fireplace wallpapers you will feel like you are actually sitting next to a fireplace and enjoying your time.

– Fire in Bonfire
– Fire in Jungle
– Fire in Moon
– Fire in Sparkle
– Fire in Sunset
– Fire on Beach
– Fire on Lakeside
– Fire on Log
– Fire on Sand
– Fire on Snow
– Pendulum Sound
– Jungle Sound
– Owl Sound
– Drums Sound
– Waves Sound
– Water Flow Sound
– White Noise Sound
– Desert Sound
– Heavy Snow Sound

Fire Screen HD helps you achieve the states of deep meditation, calmness and increase your concentration and focus. The Beautiful Fireplace backgrounds when blended with serene and peaceful sounds, it creates an ambiance for you to escape from that stress of the day and bring you to the realm of eternal bliss.
You can adjust the volume of Fire sounds and music individually to reach a state of complete relaxation of the mind.

With the help of Fireplace ~ Fire Screen HD relax your mind, remove your stress and find your inner peace. Go into your oasis of calm.

Main Features

– Authentic high quality Fire sounds for relaxation and meditation.
– Variety of relaxing natural sounds to create a perfect natural ambiance with fire sounds according to your needs.
– Predefined soothing music to help you sleep or relax.
– Convenient Timer option, so you can drift off to sleep without the sounds playing all night long.
– Beautiful Fire wallpapers.
– Can be used in background for multitasking purpose.
– Fire Sounds Pause on incoming call.
– No Streaming is required for playback of Fire sounds.
– Do not disturb mode mute all notifications when sleep timer active.

Benefit for Sleep

Have you trouble falling asleep? this app help you to sleep by relaxing your mind with natural Fire sounds along with music and waves sounds.
Say goodbye to your insomnia and enhance your life.

Here’s how it works
1. Create a sleep mix by selecting Fire sounds and music that you like.
2. Slip naturally into a relaxed state or a deep sleep…!
3. Awake, feel refreshed and happier…!
4. Do it again, anytime..!

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Fireplace ~ Fire Screen HD V 1.3 Download

Download Address:Fireplace ~ Fire Screen HD V 1.3


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