Calories & workout – Technutri V 3.12.5

Não é pratico e falta precisão Baixei o app no Reino unido e fiquei muito decepcionada. Primeiro a lista de alimentos nada tem haver com a nossa realidade, a maioria são gordices Americanas e o pouco que ha não é possivel inserir a quantidade exata que vc esta engerindo, uma vez que as quantidades ja são estipuladas e não ha como alterar, por exemplo se eu consumi 60g de brocolis não ha como digitar essa quantidade porque a quantidade que ja esta estipulada é uma xicara que corresponde 120g.
Here we provide Calories & workout – Technutri V 3.12.5 for Android 4.0.3++ Do you want that perfect body but do you not succeed on your own? Try Technutri! You are able to managed you daily calorie intake and create a great overview of your fitness activities. Share your journey and results with other users on a timeline. Inspire and get inspired by other member! You will not be alone in this!

Why should I use Technutri?
– It is not just another app which helps you to lose weight; it is a community!
– Reminders will help you to remember to drink enough water and to add your meals
– Technutri makes it easy to count your calories due to the preset meals
– The app supports different kinds of diets, like Paleo diet, master cleanse, Mayo clinic diet, etc.
– Over 5.000.000 people already have gone before you!

How does Technutri work?
– Download the app and choose your objective
– You will get a personal diet and fitness program
– Track your meals and enter your exercises
– Be surprised by your amazing results!

Technutri will help you to achieve your goals!

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Calories & workout - Technutri V 3.12.5 Download

Download Address:Calories & workout – Technutri V 3.12.5


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